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      How to test your HGH is Real or Fake?

      In my opinion,
      Nowadays most brands selling fake HGH and its not give any positive effect on the body.
      so we need to test our HGH is Real or Fake?

      If we take HGH in 30 mins its breaks down and...
    2. Replies

      Why Primo is fevorite of many bodybuilders?

      In my opinion,
      -It is the safest anabolics in the world- It can be taken for an extended time period with very minimal sides.
      -Its build quality lean muscle- Very low water retention and dry look...
    3. Replies

      Is Clenbuterol Safe?

      Use Clen for fat loss, lean muscle growth, and a ripped body. It increases metabolism, Endurance, Sweating, and Decreases Appetite also increases body temperature. Clean gives the best results but...
    4. Dinabol Vs TurinaBol which gives better performance?

      Dbol derived Tbol! but in some cases, Tbol cycle gives better muscle quality than Dbol!
      share your opinion.!
    5. Replies

      Effect of Dianabol !

      Effect of solo Dianabol cycle is better than stack cycle or Dianabol stack with other stero gives better result ?
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