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    Uncle Ric

    Pre Cycle To Do List

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Ric View Post
    2)DIET- Can't stress this enough! Gains are made in the kitchen NOT at the gym OR in the pin. Make sure your diet is in check for the goals you wish to achieve. IF you are eating 2500cals ED and looking to Bulk - YOU WILL FAIL! IF you are eating 4500 cals ED and looking to Cut - YOU WILL FAIL! IF you are looking for Lean Gains and are eating dirty cals -YOU WILL FAIL! I (personally) spend about $100 a wk on food while cycling. IF this seems excessive to you then maybe you should think twice about spending $100's on compounds! WHY? Because gains are NOT made at the gym OR in the pin! IF you find this statement ridiculous -PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"
    3)ROUTINE- Know what your doing for your particular goals... IF you are seeking to put on Mass and are doing cardio EVERYDAY - YOU WILL FAIL! (although (IMO) light cardio pre-workout is beneficial) IF you think you are going to shred up on a 5x5 routine - YOU WILL FAIL! IF you don't understand what a 5x5 routine is - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"
    4)PINNING - YES! If you are making the leap into the world of AAS then you will HAVE TO pin! Those of you that believe that you can somehow get away with an "Oral only" cycle and make significant gains - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"
    Those that want to jump on board with a short cycle as admirable as that is (IMO)
    you have yet to develop the skill set and discipline it takes to pin ED/EOD and NOT whine about it! If you don't understand what I mean by this - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"
    Understand which compounds do what and at what dosages/durations are optimal for your particular goals. Make sure you have EVERYTHING IN HAND before you begin to cycle.
    IF you think (1) vial of ANYTHING makes a cycle - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"
    6)PCT - IF you thought this section WAS actually separate from STEP 5 - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"
    7)AI's - IF you have no idea what an AI is OR thought this section WAS actually separate from STEP 5 - PLZ REFER TO STEP "1"
    8)ANTI-PROLACTINS - IF you have no idea what an anti-prolactin is OR thought this section WAS actually separate from STEP 5 - I THINK YOU GET IT BY NOW

    Okay, now that you've done your due diligence and a TON of research, you understand your goals, you've (at least) been TO the gym once or twice and NOW understand the difference between a REP and a SET...LETS GET READY TO CYCLE!


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