So if anyone is interested in checking it out, my YouTube channel is Raging with Ryuu. I have been slowly adding content. I now do a weekly check in with my coach documenting our journey to my first two bodybuilding shows, i have several interviews up, one with Lee Haney, one with Sharon Bruneau and one with my coach John Romano. I am trying to get Lee Priest scheduled. I won a Mr G's Protein Cookie contest and got to have Lee call me initially about training but after we were face timing for a bit he was like well, training over the phone doesn't do much so we basically just talked and laughed for about 45 minutes, funny MFer i would love to get on and redo same scenario as an interview. I also do a weekly rant which the past few weeks has been about the gym i train my wife at, Planet Shitness. I train at a Powerhouse two towns over but i still do cardio and train her and her friend at Shitness and there is NEVER a shortage of inspiration for my rant shows lol. Give it a look and if you're so inclined, hit the like and subscribe button and get notifications about my shows when they post. Thanks in advance, trying to grow my audience and get it monetized and self supporting as well as possible ad income.