New AREZ Now Available!

AREZ from NTel Nutra is the hottest pre workout on the market right now. Try the product t that has multiple online review sites, youtube channels, and retailers calling it the best available even when compared to DMAA pre's.

Suppz would like to welcome AREZ Titanium to the lineup as the newest addition the AREZ family. AREZ Titanium is the successor to AREZ White and contains DMHA as Juglans Regia extract (2-amino-5-methylheptane). AREZ Titanium also contains more Citrulline and Beta Alanine than AREZ White and touts a whopping 1g of stimulants and nootropics on it's label.

For a DMHA free option, Suppz also stocks AREZ God of The Gym. This product contains powerful PEA alkaloids for extreme energy and Euphoria and contains an extra 1g of Citrulline compared to AREZ Titanium. Try the Suppz exclusive Bomb Sick'll flavor!

AREZ Titanium

AREZ Titanium Pre Workout Supplement | NTel Pharma

AREZ White

Arez White Pre Workout - On Sale Now | NTel Pharma

AREZ God of The Gym

AREZ God of The Gym Pre Workout - Mega AREZ | Ntel

AREZ is also giving away a FREE T-shirt with the purchase of 2 AREZ God Of The Gym AREZ10 for a 10% Discount