This is another product the drug companys do not want us to know about, Because it will take so much money from them. I am getting older and I care a lot more about my health now. so I always had bad blood work and a fatty liver, Its in the family so no way to stop it. But I am sick of every time i go to the doctors they want to put me on another ****ing drug as I know they get kick backs from the drug co. and the more I get on the computer and read about these drugs the more and more bad side's I see they have. so I do not want to kill my self on pills them ass holes are telling me to take for they can get rich $$$$$$$$$ so I did some reading on google and found this co. did a ton of reading on the product and saif what the **** if it does not work them I will let the doc put me on another pill. well I got my boold work done and again I had a fatty Liver and very high Cholesterol and super high triglycerides. so i started this new pill caller Nialor. and went back 8 weeks latter and got more blood work, well I have to say this produck was not bullshit and really did work awesome. Here was the test #'s this was only after being on them for 8 weeks remember. so these things kick ass!!!

first blood test:
Cholerterol------ 536
triglycerides----- 879

2nd test

the doc shit a brick seeing this, but still put me on a pill. what a dick!!! Its all about the money to them guys. But as you can see they work just as good as the drugs they are telling us to take with none of the bad side. But the flushing was so bad for the first week it sucked ass, I felt like i was at the beach to long and got sun burn. so I had to start taking 1/2 a pill at a time till i got over that. But I do think that you could get the same thing at 1/2 the cost if you just buy the stuff from the store, the main thing in them is Niacin/milk thistle/policosanol you can get them all very cheap if you get them from any supplement store. hell you can even get flush free Niacin now. That you might want to think about. To me this is a must have for all guys taking AAS. stop the trouble before it starts guys. a bad liver and heart is no ****ing joke!!!! Stay safe guys,

US-Patented and guaranteed to lower your triglycerides by 40-80%**

Always consult your physician before taking NIALOR® for cholesterol-related reasons.
NIALOR® is a dietary supplement and is not intended to replace prescription medication

U.S. Patent to be issued Q4 2010
NIALOR® is a registered trademark of Arizona Pharmaceuticals, L.L.C.
Clinical Grade is a trademark of Arizona Pharmaceuticals, L.L.C.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
** We guarantee that Nialor will provide at least 40% reduction in triglycerides (initial levels > 300 mg/dL) when taken in 1500mg/day dosages for 3 months (2-Pack). We
guarantee that Nialor will provide at least 25% improvement in HDL Cholesterol (for initial levels < 35mg/dL) when taken in 1500 mg/day dosages for 3 Months.
$100 payment guarantee requires before/after fasting lab results. Applies only to new customers ordering a 2-pack.

NIALOR® is a powerful, non-prescription product that has been granted US Patent 7,879,375 for its unique ability to lower triglycerides by
up to 80%. Since its inception in 2004, NIALOR® has helped over 1 million people to reduce their triglycerides and will help you to reach
targeted improvements by your next blood test.

NIALOR® is the only product that guarantees a reduction in triglyceride levels. Specifically, we guarantee that if your levels are over 300
mg/dL, NIALOR® will reduce your triglycerides by at least 40% in 3 months.** In fact, many NIALOR® customers have reported triglyceride
reductions of more than 80% (read more below).

If you have very high triglycerides (>500 mg/dl), your cholesterol levels may also be high or unreadable. By reducing your triglyceride levels,
your LDL Cholesterol levels will noticeably improve.* Additionally, weight loss may be accelerated by lowering triglycerides.*

NIALOR® is a non-prescription dietary supplement composed of liver-safe ingredients to help safely lower & maintain healthy triglycerides,
potentially avoiding dependence on prescription drugs. NIALOR® is your best choice for lowering triglyceride levels.

NIALOR® is US-patented, powerful, drug-free and is your best choice for lowering triglycerides.


More NIALOR® Triglycerides Success Stories

(March 2010) 4-5 months ago my triglycerides were over 2000! Yesterday, after several months on Nialor, they were 89 with concomitant improvements across the
lipid panel! Will be placing an order soon. J. Kadlec, New York City

I just got back from the doctor's office and was given these amazing results after just two bottles of Nialor.

Triglycerides went from 1089 to 184

Total Cholesterol from 312 to 216

HDL raised from 32 to 51

% of HDL increased from 10 to 24

LDL went from not being able to calculate it to 134

My Doctor was amazed and said he was going to tell his Cardiologist about Nialor.
Thanks!! Al B. (Anthem AZ)

I went to participate in a high cholesterol study and was excluded due to high triglycerides. I did a little research and found Nialor. Consulted the physician and
started taking the pills. Triglycerides went from 989 to 340, bad cholesterol from 400 to 161, and good cholesterol from 26 to 38. I DID NOT change my diet in
anyway and let the pills do their job. I'm totally blown away by the results. This product DELIVERS and price per pill is a fraction of anything else out there. THANKS -
J. Craig

"This product is sensational! It lowered my triglycerides from 5000 to 76 and my total cholesterol from 558 to 191. My physician, too is pleased and will be
monitoring my blood levels monthly. Thank you." Ron K. - Connecticut

My triglycerides were 469 and my HDL was 15. Due to high triglycerides, my total cholesterol level could not be read. I decided to try Nialor for 2 months. I was
previously on medication that raised my liver enzymes which was a concern of mine. After two months on just on your product alone, my HDL went to 26,
triglycerides went to 56, total cholesterol measured 169. Steven K. - Cortland, NY

"I dropped my triglycerides from 859 to 116 in 3 months. My physician agreed that the 2 primary reasons for the drop in triglycerides were: 1.) Nialor and 2.) Cutting
down on sugar." S.G. (Red Lodge, MT)

"I had great results with Nialor. Within three months my triglycerides went from 477 to 180 and my cholesterol improved from 238 to 160. Thank you." Paul Cohen
(Upper Saddle River, NJ

"For years I have struggled with high cholesterol and triglycerides, but statin drugs raised my liver enzymes and doctor was reluctant to keep me on that medicine. So
my doctor said to try niacin. I went on the Internet and found your website and product, Nialor. I decided to give it a shot, but in all honesty I didn't expect it would
help me much.
My results after two months on Nialor:

Cholesterol dropped from 280 to 177.

Triglycerides lowered from low 400s to 198 (which is still a little high, but I'm working on that!)

Liver functions in the normal range.