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Over the last 3 years we have been working with an exclusive supplier who has been building a quality control system that would meet all GMP and FDA guidelines if we ever get approval from the FDA. However the dry heat sterilization process caused clumping and other issues so we had to put the project on hold.
I am excited to announce that they have solved this issue! We now can get finely ground sterilized product at a high MIT count. The current Super Green is testing over a whopping 1.75% MIT and the White MD is over 1.5% MIT! This is an amazing achievement as the process sterilizes all of the sacks completely. All other suppliers must test a 2-3 gram sample and hope the rest of the sack is clean. Our sacks are 100% clean! We will phase in the new products over the next few weeks.
As of today we have the new product available in Super Green, Super Red and White MD!