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Oldforrestkratom redbali and private reserve Supergreen.
wild Kratom from old mature trees deep in the forest. This is not your typical plantation Kratom.
Old forrest Red bali when its time to relax and unwind. A great evening strain. Any pain your experiencing will soon be forgotten.. As you settle yourself in for a nice comfortable night. Red bali has a nice euphoric feeling to it. When im struggling to have a good nights sleep . Red bali is my go2!! I literally feel as if all the stress has been lifted off my shoulders. Only good vibes and amazing feeling.
Supergreen is very potent and high in alkaloids. A very fine grind. Supergreen will help you through even the toughest days! Long hang time and my mood is incredible. Feel like the energizer bunny. I can keep going and going without any aches and pains. Just focused and feel amazing.
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