I just had to share this. I recently had a conversation with the owner of a nice chain of burger joints who informed me that he uses 73% Lean, 27% Fat ground beef. I hadn't even seen beef this fat until I found this package at one of our local large grocery stores. Not only did they sell it in a consumer friendly package like the one pictured...but a huge case of pre-formed burgers had the exact same lean/fat ratio...so apparently this is the preferred ratio for most burger joints and/or restaurants.

So what? Well, considering the Skinny Beef has a total of 2 grams of fat and 18 calories from fat in a 4 oz. serving - the quarter pounder you are eating from your favorite restaurant is likely to have 30 grams of fat and 270 calories from fat. THAT IS 15X THE FAT CALORIES FOLKS...is anyone concerned about that??

Holy Catfish...that is a lot of fat, a lot of calories, and significantly less protein and significantly more cholesterol per serving. I think it is time that some burger joints added a Skinny Beef option to their menu...don't you?

Thanks for all of your support!

Author: Andrew Joffer
Joffer Family Ranch

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