As the 4th approaches, burger grilling becomes a national event, and I have to say that I'm a little disappointed that Skinny Beef isn't a bigger part of it. Don't get me wrong...we have some super loyal, gigantic fans of our product that literally love our beef and wouldn't consider grilling "fat cow" burgers. I just wish that somehow the word would get out to a lot more of them.

The "Beef, It's What's for Dinner" website has been relaunched: Beef Its Whats for Dinner - Home touting all of the benefits of beef. McDonald's has revamped and is re-introducing the quarter pounder. Great new burger restaurants are flourishing like The Habit, The Counter, Grumps, Jasper's, Smash Burger, Jake's Way Back Burgers, etc. - but they are all based on FAT at a minimum of 20%...all the way to 27% Fat Content versus our 2% Fat Content.

Somehow word needs to get out that you can enjoy a GREAT burger with ONE THIRD the calories of a 75/25 ground beef burger. If anyone has some great ideas of how to spread the word on a low budget...let me know! I'd sure like to see Skinny Beef catch fire like it should. There is no down side.

Can you imagine a Skinny Beef option on the menu at some of these great burger joints? Especially in California where the calories are on the menu? Then we'd really start to see some progress in the fight against obesity, in the recognition of low fat beef, and freedom from fat laden burgers. So declare your independence, do something different, have a 98% lean burger on a gluten free bun and see how much better you feel.