Comparison Test with Turkey Burgers...

Initially, I was told that the Flex Magazine editorial article (see the Skinny News tab) would compare Skinny Beef with Turkey Burgers, so I thought I'd do my own test on the George Foreman Grill.

As it turns out, they compared Skinny Beef to 95% Lean Beef and showing how Skinny Beef has less fat, and less calories and more protein per serving.

However, I'm glad I did this comparison, I never knew Turkey Burgers were quite this disgusting.

Here is the before cooking picture, Skinny Beef on the left, turkey burger on the right.

And here are the after cooking pictures...strange stuff!

Ok, here's the post cooking picture...I was surprised...the kind of weird, sticky, gooey fat that comes off of the turkey burgers frankly looks very unappetizing. However, it tasted fine (kinda bland actually), so lets face it; if you want a burger, you want a BEEF burger. So why not have a Skinny Beef burger? Less fat, way better taste!!

Here is another shot of what turkey burgers look like (Skinny Beef are the two in the upper left corner of the grill - the rest are Turkey)...incredibly disgusting...certainly not a very viable alternative in my mind...but hey, not everyone knows about Skinny Beef yet!

This was my second batch after I completed the first test with one patty against one patty. I needed to cook the rest of it up, so I took this photo of how Turkey Burgers cook as I couldn't quite believe they were this bad. They don't seem to want to brown as well either. It is also a great shot of all the fat working it's way out of the turkey meat. Of course the top two on the left are the Skinny Beef patties. Yes, I agree, the one on the bottom left looks like some kind of an alien being. It looks even worse next to a nice browned patty of Skinny Beef. So, don't settle for Turkey Burgers...get some real beef...we've got the fat out of it! You can order here.