Ok, I'm frequently asked: "Are your Skinny cattle raised organically?"

Well, in the official world of organic...there is "certified" organic...and we are not "certified" organic for the following reasons:

1. While we do not fertilize our pastures, our pastures are not considered certified organic as the process of having them certified is minimally a three year process...and the cattle have to have been on the certified pasture from the last trimester of the mother cow's pregnancy up until it starts getting grain fed for fattening prior to slaughter.

2. We don't buy certified organic hay, as it is almost impossible to find in our area. By the way...the official definition of "Grass Fed" allows beef cattle to still be "finished" (fattened) on grain for a short time prior to slaughter. That's why we often call our cattle "grass finished".

3. Due to the much more limited availability of genetically lean cattle, as we are growing our ranch, we have to purchase steers and heifers from friends and other ranchers and of course the vast majority of them do not have certified organic pastures as well.

However, the BIG difference between Skinny Beef and Organic Beef is that Skinny Beef has a MUCH lower fat content, lower cholesterol, less calories, and more protein. Plus, with all of the steak cuts that are included in our ground beef, the end product is actually a much higher quality, much more premium ground beef.

A fat steer is a fat steer whether it eats certified organic hay and grain, or whether it eats regular hay and regular grain. You simply can't get Skinny Beef from a fat steer.

Who is willing to find small genetically lean cattle, feed them grass, exercise them, and then include all of the higher priced steaks in their ground beef? Only one that I know of...Joffer Family Ranch! Order Here!