Bodybuilding Beef -

Eric Broser, NGA Professional Bodybuilder/Judge/Advisory Board, AAEFX Athlete, Iron Man/Planet Muscle Monthly Columnist, Training Coach, Nutritional Consultant, and Author.

My name is Eric Broser and I am a drug-free-for-life professional bodybuilder, physique transformation artist, magazine columnist, author, trainer, contest prep coach, and fitness model. In my opinion there is no source of protein more effective than BEEF when it comes to adding muscle size, enhancing strength, aiding recovery, and igniting the most intense workouts. However, because the tastiest cuts of red meat are usually the ones highest in fat and cholesterol, I tend to shy away from eating beef as often as I'd like. And as a trainer to hundreds of bodybuilders and athletes worldwide, I rarely allow my clients to dine on red meat more than just a few times per week, and even less when getting into top shape for an event.

However, all of this recently changed when I was lucky enough to discover a web site called I could not believe my eyes when I read about a "specific breed of cattle" that yields meat with just about the same protein and fat content as the leanest fish or turkey breast! I immediately contacted the owner, Andy Joffer, and after some discussion, he agreed to send me some of his product to try. I honestly thought to myself that if his "skinnybeef" was actually THAT lean, it had to be tough and tasteless. Well, I can tell you that I was dead wrong -- this stuff is juicy, delicious and barely any visible fat seeps off while cooking. This just had to be to good to be true -- but its not! I did my checking...I did my cooking and tasting...then I did some more cooking and tasting -- NOW I AM TOTALLY HOOKED ON SKINNYBEEF!

And not only are the cattle used to make skinnybeef the leanest breed, but they are also grass/hay fed, and NOT injected with hormones! The beef they yield is nearly fat free, higher in protein, lower in cholesterol, high in Omega-3 fatty acids and quite healthy to eat EVERYDAY!

But there is more! I am proud to announce that and I have joined forces, making me their first endorsed athlete -- and I could not be more thrilled. I only agree to work with companies that produce products that I actually use regularly myself and recommend with the utmost confidence to my hundreds of clients around the country. Not only does Andy Joffer put out a unique and very exciting product that will truly have a far reaching in the fitness community, but he also promises the best service and the most affordable prices possible.

In the short time that I have implemented skinnybeef into my diet I have noticed immediate increases in muscle size, strength and fullness, while at the same time watching my body fat drop almost daily. Never before has dieting been this easy and TASTY!

Skinnybeef has arrived and this is a time for all red meat eaters to unite, cheer and fire up their grills!