NEWS FLASH: February 2013: Skinny Beef makes the final cut for possibly being the "New Product of the Year" for Provisioner Magazine. Voting runs through the end of February.

AND: As of February 8th, 2013: Our local USDA Plant labels Skinny Beef 98% Lean - 2% Fat - You no longer have to take my (Andy Joffer's) word for it, or have to read through my lab reports, the USDA plant cattle are SKINNY!

Eric Broser, NGA Professional Bodybuilder/Judge/Advisory Board, AAEFX Athlete, Iron Man/Planet Muscle Magazine Monthly Columnist, Training Coach, and Nutritional Consultant, and author. 6611121.jpg

"My name is Eric Broser and I am a drug-free-for-life professional bodybuilder, physique transformation artist, magazine columnist, author, trainer, contest prep coach, and fitness model. In my opinion there is no source of protein more effective than BEEF when it comes to adding muscle size, enhancing strength, aiding recovery, and igniting the most intense workouts. However, because the tastiest cuts of red meat are usually the ones highest in fat and cholesterol, I tend to shy away from eating beef as often as I'd like. And as a trainer to hundreds of bodybuilders and athletes worldwide, I rarely allow my clients to dine on red meat more than just a few times per week, and even less when getting into top shape for an event.
However, all of this recently changed when I was lucky enough to discover a web site called I could not believe my eyes when I read about a "specific breed of cattle" that yields meat with just about the same protein and fat content as the leanest fish or turkey breast! I immediately contacted the owner, Andy Joffer, and after some discussion, he agreed to send me some of his product to try. I honestly thought to myself that if his "skinnybeef" was actually THAT lean, it had to be tough and tasteless. Well, I can tell you that I was dead wrong -- this stuff is juicy, delicious and barely any visible fat seeps off while cooking. This just had to be to good to be true -- but its not! I did my checking...I did my cooking and tasting...then I did some more cooking and tasting -- NOW I AM TOTALLY HOOKED ON SKINNYBEEF!"

Stella Burchard, Las Vegas, NV.

"Hello Andrew,

Just thought I'd let you know how delicious the Skinny Beef is. I took the liberty of sending a photo as proof of how lean it really is! I just mixed in some salt and bread crumbs or eggs and it didn't crumble?!? Amazing! Thought I'd let you know.

Definitely ordering another batch as soon as we blow through this first one.

Great product! Thanks again.

Warmest Regards,

Stella B."

I love this...a photo of the grill, just like I (Andy) do...amazing!

Elijah Levercom, Competitive Bodybuilder, Spring Lake, MI
8215392.jpg"Hello Andrew,

I recently got your package and I couldn't be more impressed with your product. Your beef has great flavor and texture I look forward to using your product to help push me closer to my goals. I also want to let you know that your shirt is a hit as I am wearing that to the gym. Thanks again for your time help and product.

Elijah Levercom"

Jon D. - Bodybuilder

Boston, MA
Scott Jones, Top Fitness Instructor, Rush Athletic Development -

"With the completely detailed lab analysis showing a virtually fat free product, how can I not be excited about this product for everyone who wants results from their diet. This is what I do, I help people find foods that give them results. Skinny Beef premium ground beef is fat, high protein, easy to cook, great nutrition at a competitive price."
Dr. Lissa McNiel, N.D. Naturopathic Physician, Arbora Natural Medicine Solutions, P.C.

"I want to re-order, this is the best beef I have ever had. With the fact that this is grass fed, extremely lean beef, it is actually better for us than many other kinds of meat, even fish, with the high level of contamination they are finding in many fish these days, particularly Tuna."
Edgardo Zavala, Gilbert, AZ

Andrew, I absolutely loved the beef! It's phenomenal and now you have another loyal customer. I always get bison beef at Whole Foods and didn't think anything could be better...I was wrong. Your beef is my new best friend. Thanks for making such great beef and for the outstanding service you provide. Best Regards, Ed.
Maggie Geehan, Dunnelon Florida

I am a 68 year young lady with different health challenges. One of them is that I have autoimmune hepatitis which means my immune system thinks that my liver shouldn't be there and attacks it. So, I need to be extremely careful about how much/what kind of fat I eat. I continuously had very bad reactions to regular beef and searched the net and found Joffer's. Wow! A ground beef that is naturally fat free and totally grass fed. It costs a little more but it is worth it for my body. I can eat Joffer's ground beef and my liver doesn't go into panic's ville!! My doctor is so pleased and I am so grateful. Ok, this young lady will share that when I was kid (ahhhh about 60 years ago) the beef tasted just like Joffer's. Amazing to finally find meat that is healthy and treats my body with tender loving care.
Mike and Denise Litton - Ozark, MO

"Had a BBQ the previous night with regular burgers, of course I was the cook and got smoked out, lots of flare ups from the fat dripping. Then I cooked your meat and couldn't believe how little smoke, and how clean they cook. No fat dripping means a cleaner grill, less flame, less smoke, and faster cooking."

Bernie Kostrunek, National Grocery, Omaha NE.

"Well we had a cook out this afternoon and the hamburger you sent was outstanding, everyone said it was great!!!! 'This tastes like steak!', 'I love the flavor', were just a couple comments."
Web Staunton, Medford, OR

"Wow, enjoyed our first Skinny Beef yesterday...Amazing! Best burger ever!"
Terry Rasmussen

"We made meatloaf from Skinny Beef last night. Best meatloaf we've ever had. Amazing Flavor!"

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