This thread is copied from a different forum.

We had a thread last year that produced a lot of suggestions. Some we were already able to offer and some are in various stages of production.

I wanted to start a fresh thread to get some ideas to see what people would like to see from SNS and Competitive Edge Labs in 2020.

Feel free to suggest single ingredient and/or combination ideas.

Here are a few things we get asked for in other places that I’d like to get opinions on:

Eria Jarensis caps
Paradoxine caps
Dynamine caps
Kava Caps
Cissus Powder
BHB Caps & Powder

Formulas we’ve been asked about/for in this thread:

Anti-Aging Product
Stim Pre-Workout (we already have VasoForce Rush caps; would be willing to do powder version if people want)
EAA Product
Creatine/Muscle Recovery Product - already in the works with the daily ergogenic
Electrolyte product
Libido Supplement
Blood Pressure Supplement
Heart Health Supplement
Optimize-T (test booster that we’ve been discussing for awhile)
Sleep Aid - confirmed
Inflammation product - confirmed
Curcumin product - confirmed
Digestive product featuring PepZin GI (maybe + Probiotic + Gentian)
A probiotic with TWK10

Single Ingredient products we’ve been asked for in this thread:
(Note - even if we don’t do them as singles, they may be included in formulas)

Peak 02 - confirmed
KannaEase - confirmed
Maral Root
Pine Pollen
Siberian Ginseng
Lodhra/Symplocos Racemosa Extract
Phosphatidic Acid
PrimaVie (maybe with CoQ10)
Leucine Caps
High % Salidrosides
Anacylus Pyrethrum DC Root Extract - everyone of course asks for the same as the original PES AnaBeta but no one can guarantee that because no one knows exactly what that was besides them.
Cistanche Deserticola/Tubulosa (strongest extract possible)
Black Ginger Root
Eucommia Ulmoides 100:1 or higher
Protodioscin 40% or higher - cannot be done cost effectively
Turkesterone/Ecdysterone - cannot be done cost effectively
Fadogia Agrestis - not a fan of it as a single ingredient bc M-Test offers it at such great price, but open to it if enough ppl want
Panax Ginseng

I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and feedback.