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    1. Replies

      Re: Roid test??

      Is there a link I am missing. WOuld love to test primo to see if it is legit.
    2. Re: Reasons To Watch | UFC 282: Blachowicz vs Ankalaev

      Looking forward to this one!
    3. Re: Angela Hill Knows Everything Is Coming Together

      She looked as good as she ever did. She tuned that gal up from start to finish. Shows she is a super talented striker but struggles with wrestlers.
    4. Replies

      Re: Liver King- I lied!

      At least he apologized, but to try to flip it to I was doing good, so that lie was worth it.
    5. Re: Angela Hill Knows Everything Is Coming Together

      Nope, back to fake wrastlin.
    6. Replies

      Re: UFC Statement Regarding James Krause

      Yeah beting on fights that you have fighters in is bad.
    7. Re: Angela Hill Knows Everything Is Coming Together

      Hill is a great fighter with a loosing record. 2-5 in her last 7 but still very skilled and fun to watch.
    8. Replies

      Re: christmas trees

      We do, fake tree.
    9. Re: Stephen Thompson Looks Forward To A Chess Match

      Oh he will get to entertain with Holland. this will be a good fight.
    10. Replies

      Re: Pre workout Androgens

      Been many years since I did orals but just started Dbol again and it is AWESOME!
    11. Replies

      Re: new and absent minded

      Hey welcome to the form.
    12. Re: Tai Tuivasa Won’t Back Away From A Challenge

      That dude is hilarious. Ever seen him drink beer form a shoe?
    13. Replies

      Re: Liver King Has Been Exposed

      Yeah, I mean we all knew it like you said. You cannot look like that natty for the most part. Thanks for sharing.
    14. Replies

      Re: Fights We’re Thankful For

      Oh yeah some good ones there
    15. Re: The 10 Best Fights Happening This Month | December 2022

      Oh yeah there are some bangers!
    16. Replies

      Re: “Money Moicano” Has A Plan

      This dude is one of the best MMA BJJ practitioners in the world. His BJJ is fun to watch as it is dynamic.
    17. Replies

      Happy Thanksgiving folks!

      Hoe you and yours have a good one.
    18. Re: Light Heavyweight Classics | UFC Fight Pass

      Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar Best fight ever.
    19. Re: Updates to UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs Spivac

      I hope Lewis can get a KO here. The crowd would go nuts.
    20. Replies

      Re: aerobics without using legs

      Bro when I broke my sacrum I could not do anything dynamic with my legs. I asked my physio about that. She said swimming was the best. I used to swim laps until the gym with the pool closed. Honestly...
    21. Re: Cranberries: Unique Support for Urinary Tract, Gut Flora, and Heart Health

      Thanks, good read
    22. Replies

      Re: UFC 281: Adesanya vs Pereira Results

      Great bunch of fights. If you missed it Poirier vs Chandler was a bang up crazy fight worth watching for sure.
    23. Re: Dana White announces the launch of Power Slap

      Stupid. Just give each other brain damage slapping contest should be the name.
    24. Replies

      Re: Dustin Poirier Remained Patient

      What a fight! Best fight of the night!
    25. Replies

      Re: Israel Adesanya: 'Let Me Show You'

      Oh man, cannot wait!
    26. Re: Low Dose Minoxidil for Hair Loss, AAS and Androgen Receptors

      Well I just shaved my head and was done with it. But interesting read. Thanks
    27. Replies

      Re: Happy Birthday Marines

      Yes sir. Happy Marine's Bday!
    28. Re: I haven’t paid much attention to sports for easily 5 years. Truly a waste of time!

      I still watch the Cowboys play and MMA. Too many games in basketball. Baseball and soccer are boring.
    29. Re: Dominick Reyes' Fight To Get Back On Top

      I like him. He won that 1st fight vs Jones.
    30. Thread: marro

      by jipped genes

      Re: marro

      A good diet changed gut microbiome which will effect how macros and micros are digested and increase uptake. Better uptake meals easier to build muscle. This is a really simplistic view and probably...
    31. Re: Oregano Oil Shines for GI Health and Immunity

      I have a bottle of pills, I wonder if 100 mg is enough to help.
    32. Re: All Access | UFC 281: Adesanya vs Pereira

      OH YEAH! This one will be good!
    33. Re: UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs Lemos Results

      That main event was boring as hell until it was not.
    34. Re: Weigh-In Results | UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs Lemos

      Wow 3 people missed by a little and Dawson by a lot for a little guy. He lost 30% of his purse, the others 20%.
    35. Replies

      Re: Funny Gif and meme pics

      HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So true.
    36. Re: Everything UFC Fight Night: Rodriguez vs Lemos

      Lemos is a monster. She has long arms and is tough as nails and can strike.
    37. Re: Immune Health and Vitality for All Stages of Life

      Good read baby. It is that time. I do not fear covid but the flu...that wrecked me while covid was like a mild 3 day cold.
    38. Re: The 10 Best Fights Happening In November

      Dustin Poirier vs. Michael Chandler Is the best on that list by far
    39. Re: Everything You Might've Missed From UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs Allen

      I was really loooking forward to Kattar vs Allen than Kattar hurt his knee.
    40. Re: The Options Are Endless For Dustin Jacoby

      I thought Jacoby won. I like Kalil too but Jacoby landed more shots overall.
    41. Re: UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs Allen Results

      Bummer Kattar hurt his knee. All in all a good show.
    42. Re: Khalil Rountree Jr. Hopes To Shed Light On His Whole Self

      This guy has such a great attitude, seems like a nice guy too. I root for him. He has looked like a monster his last 2 fights.
    43. Replies

      Re: It's Friday

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so true! There are a couple gals who come in to workout with a person to film them and a round light about the size of a dinner plate to get the right "glow"...
    44. Re: Everything UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs Allen

      This will be a great card i feel it!
    45. Re: Calvin Kattar Is Keen On Ending This One Early

      this will be a banger!
    46. Re: Focus and Concentration - Things You Can Change

      It helps with nervousness/anxiety and such thereby increasing concentration. It is no Vyvance but it helps.
    47. Re: Fighters On The Rise | UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs Allen

      All three of those guys I like a lot. Hooper is just a kid. Roundtree has been around a long time and has put together 2 impressive TKO wins
    48. Re: Focus and Concentration - Things You Can Change

      I take alpha GPC and L-theaninebefore I have to take a test for my yearly cert for my job. I have diagnosed ADHD. I stopped taking script stuff as it made me a zombie. This stuff helps. Will try some...
    49. Re: Official Scorecards | UFC 280: Oliveira vs Makhachev

      Makhachev is a beast!
    50. Re: UFC 280: Oliveira vs Makhachev Results

      Banger of a card!
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