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    1. Replies

      Re: Best time for HGH injections

      Mornings for me and then Evenings. I dont believe any which method is going to make that much of a difference either way. Just make sure you get it in twice a day spreader apart.
    2. Replies

      Re: Hgh, usage duration question.

      If you want true quality results go with Pharma grade. There is a big difference in the 2 of generic and Pharm. sazien is my first choice Humatrope is my 2nd choice and sero's would be my 3rd choice...
    3. Thread: New Here

      by RexT44

      New Here

      Hello everyone. New to this forum but not new to the game. I am a very experienced Vet in this world. Here to help out and become a part of this awesome community and learn from other vets on here...
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