Andarine S4: 50mg per day, split up into two 25mg doses

Ostarine MK-2866: 25mg/day. Females should start @ 12.5mg 1x/day

Carnadine GW-50: 20mg/day split into 2x 10mg doses

Nutrobal MK-677: "Oral GH Secretagogue" have seen results from 5mg/day to 25mg/day

LGD-4033: 5-10mg/day is plenty for this extremely potent & anabolic compound!

RAD-140: 10mg/day has been reported as the sweet spot.

SR9009: 5-10mgs/day, is plenty. More is not always be smart!

AICAR: 25mg/day

Note: The information listed above is based on recommendations for your research lab rats. The dosages are referring to being used with SARMsSEARCH products, only. No representative or affiliate of SARMsSEARCH is responsible for dosages provided by other companies.