SaltWrap Customer Appreciation Days - 2018


SaltWrap's Customer Appreciation Days is here! Stay tuned for the lowest prices you'll see all year. You won't want to miss this sale!

Thanksgiving 2018 is almost here!
14 days now..

Which means Black Friday & Cyber Week is almost here too.
Retailers are projecting another record-breaking year...

But if you've been with us for a while, you know we don't make a big deal out of Black Friday.

This year, we'll have a discount offer available to everyone (last year we didn't do anything).

But it won't be a big sale.


Because I've worked retail jobs on Thanksgiving weekend.
And I would never subject our people to what I went through...

So, we'll be home on Thanksgiving and Black Friday with our families.
Forgetting about all this healthy eating stuff, and enjoying some pumpkin pie..

Our Customer Service team members included (so we'll get back with you after the holiday if you need help with something).

But we still want to show you our appreciation.

That's why the more important event happens the week prior to Black Friday.
Next week.

Starting November 12 and running through November 16, we'll be running our annual Customer Appreciation Days Sale.

This sale is ONLY for YOU --- who have shopped in our store and been part of the growth we've experienced in the last year.

So you won't see anything about it online. Email info only.

SaltWrap's Customer Appreciation Days Sale
2018 Edition

Basically, we'll be offering insanely cheap prices and offers on products in the SaltWrap store.

Each day, we'll send you a limited time/supplies offer on one of SaltWrap's therapeutic supplements, books or protocols.

We don't even care if we make money that week.
(which is good.. because I'm pretty sure we lose...)

That's OK though.

Our main goal is THANK YOU for your support.

And, I have to believe that if we show you our appreciation, you'll stick around. Continue reading our newsletter. Maybe pick up something in the store here and there.

So, it all works out.

Keep your eyes 'peeled for some crazy discounts on our products.

And, as always --- if you don't want to receive emails next week during our Customer Appreciation Days (CAD) Sale, just click the link below to be removed from this series.

Click here to be removed from the CAD Sale series (.. remember tho, this is a limited time sale for the week of 11/12-11/16).

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