Based on your feedback, we made some improvements to the Sunrise Manifesto Guided Morning Journal.

Nothing revolutionary, but we did clean up the formatting a bit and streamline the layout.

Here are the small changes we made based on your feedback:

  • add a "date field" to the top left section of the page (on dual page layout)
  • add lines to the blank journal section (a.k.a. "mind dump" section)
  • reduce use of bold and clean up text formatting in general
  • add more (and more realistic) sample pages to introduction on how to fill out the journal [how to get the most out of it]
  • add a coupon for future purchased to the back page of the journal (nobody asked for this, but we did it anyway)

Click here to see updated images and get your copy:

And for you fitness buffs, we recently launched a Fitness Planner designed to track all things fitness (nutrition, training, goal tracking and more).

Check it out here:

- Brendan Hall
Director of Research & Development

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