This stack has proven to be very effective and efficient in various circumstances and instances apart from being used as a bridge, mostly when it comes to burning fats, lean muscle gain and beginner users.

The wonderful part of this stack and SARMS generally is their versatility in the aiding people achieve various set goals and objectives. I am a die hard exponent with the use of the triple stack as it lets the consumer achieve reasonable amounts of lean muscles and drop fat simultaneously.

However, it is not an automatic process as the user has to design and follow a strict diet plan and workout routine, the stack will also heighten the probability of perfect results occurring.

The SARMS protocol is very dose and time specific and requires to be followed up judiciously. With a view to achieving set goals. SARMS like any other drug needs to be administered correctly, and responsibly and never to be abused or overdosed for any reason. Passing certain dosage prescription will amount to adverse effects and long term issues.

Triple Stack Setup.

Below I’ll be sharing a great triple Stack, that has ensured the satisfaction of most users.

1-8 s4 50 mg day… split doses… 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg in the p.m.

1-8 osta 25 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m

1-8 hcgenerate

mini pct 9-12

1-8 gw 10-20 mg day… split doses 12 hours apart

OPTIONAL: 3-8 albuterol 12-18 mg day

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