Periodization for the Competitive Bench Presser: What System Works Best?
By Lee Zimmerman


[I received this e-mail from Lee Zimmerman in regards to this article—“Jim, Attached is a literature review I wrote for one of my master’s classes in research methods. I think you may find it interesting because I compare what we train with to NSCA methods and explain to the reader why so many NSCA studies are not completely accurate for use when designing a strength program.”

I thought many of you in college would appreciate this paper, and it will help you get some ideas on how to set up your own work. Also, it’s a great read. It’s not the Penthouse forum, but it’s good. —Jim Wendler, EliteFTS]


Due to the tremendous amount of information available in regards to strength training, it may be difficult to determine which system works best for competitive bench pressing. There are various ma