We usually use full body workouts when athletes can only train 2X/week. But, if you want to lift 3X/week and perform full body workouts, you can do that too. Here's a sample template for you:
DE Upper exercise
ME Lower exercise
Accessory lower exercise

WEDNESDAY - Perform a full body "bodybuilding" type of workout. I would recommend performing around 5 exercises for 2-3 sets each and 8-15 reps. Here's a sample...
1. Chin-ups - BW X 2 sets of max reps
2. Glute-ham raises - 3 X 10
3A. Seated rows - 3 X 10
3B. DB Shrugs - 3 X 10
4. Hammer curls - 2 X 8
5. Neck

DE Lower exercise
ME upper exercise
Accessory upper exercise

**You had Cleans in your sample template...I didn't incorporate them into my sample template because we don't do them. I feel that they are highly over-rated for non-Olympic lifters. Also, FYI, in all my years of training Pro football players, I have NOT met ONE guy who likes performing any variation of a clean. I estimate that I have worked with well over 100 Pro football players over the course of the past 5-6 years and none of these guys want to clean anyway.
Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in...