This chick is nothing but badass!!!!!!!! Here is a post from Ryan Kenelly (her man) on his board. Now keep in mind that when he talks about 10 benches over 400 this is over the course of 4 weeks!

"Once again Kara Bohigian sets the benchpress world on fire at the APF Alabama State Meet! Coming into this competition with 6, 400+lb bench presses already, along with 2 all-time bench press world records under her belt there was no doubt today was going to be a great day!

Kara competing In the 165 weight class hit an easy 407 opener, then all-time world record "435" on a second attempt, then adding to that a huge 446 on a third, followed by A MIND BOGGLING 451 on a fourth attempt!!!! Kara your the real fukin deal, and you make me very proud, 10 bench's over 400lbs Awesome job Champ the world is yours!"