What Every Young Bodybuilder Should Know

By Chuck Sipes

Mr. America/Mr. Universe/Mr. World

As Told to Dennis B. Weis “The Yukon Hercules”

Through the 20th Century-21st Century millennial time barrier comes the incredible human strength and bodybuilding fire power wisdom of one of the 20th Century's greatest Bodybuilding legends, Chuck Sipes. He's gone now (August 22, 1932-February 24, 1993)…but lives on here teaching the ideas and ideals of his very important training life existence.

As the great sport of bodybuilding grows there are hundreds of young men who turn to weights for improving their physiques and physical well being. This is a tremendous credit to bodybuilding, but it seems lately that more and more of these bodybuilders are set on building huge proportions to their bodies and winning the Mr. titles. This is fine, but to put this ambition above everything else and to limit your life from other pleasures is morally wrong in my opinion.

I have seen many bodybuilders, over the years, completely ruin their lives and even go out of their minds by focusing all their attention on training and striving to win a big title. They become so involved with themselves that they lose all concept of what life is all about. When these men get in this state of mind they end up physical and mental wrecks. Many weight enthusiasts end up with a divorce and will forfeit an education just to be able to train a few extra hours every day.

Who is kidding who? How many of the top bodybuilders in the world have made a living off the sport? I could count them on one hand. In my own case, I have combined my youth work with a bodybuilding career and have much to be thankful for. In my youth I made a few mistakes, but my family meant a great deal to me and I slowly began to realize what life was all about.

What I'm trying to put across to you is: Let your training be a regular part of your living, but never let it rule you; never let it be "number one" or you will be sadly disappointed some day. It may seem the most important phase of your life at the to me, but how many of us really keep our physical training up over the years! The only way to really enjoy life in this modern world is to educate yourself and live a spiritually and physically active life.

We must have good health to enjoy life. This is obtained by daily exercise and proper diet. By getting an education you can go into a field of work that will give you a sense of accomplishment. Through a spiritual family life you can really have contentment, and everything you do in your life will have more meaning. I love the weight game and always will. Winning my titles are all highlights in my career, these I never forget.

Bodybuilding through the use of weight-training has been proven to be quickest way to develop your body. By learning to use weights with a steady build-up of resistance you can not only build your body but also strengthen your body.

You build muscle and increase stamina besides heighten your athletic abilities. A system of weight training can do many things for you if applied correctly ... if you master the weights and don't become a slave to them