I have always been an avid reader, of all different kinds of stuff/people. I don't even have to resonate with it, or even like it. Being what some may call "a natural empath", I read this study years ago and found it interesting. It has sort of crept back in my head during this time of, what I fee,l is more "isolation" than distancing. Our family will not isolate... and people...you always have a choice in what you do!

I don't feel there is a cure all solution, to this utter chaos in the world, BUT I do feel each individual does need to look at their own needs first. I don't mean in a 'selfish' way but in a way that is caring for you so you can care for others

This study just makes me feel like "deadly virus" is winning, and is just feeding fuel to another epidemic as a result of people isolating and surrounding environment! let's be real here, each person has a safe place and it is not always at home

GET OUT THERE AND LIVE!!!! If you are scared and its hard, then YOU NEED TO DO IT EVEN MORE!!!

On another note, I am blessed to married to one of the strongest ,fighting spirits I have ever known