Nutrition and cancer prevention
This article discusses how nutrition plays a role in preventing and reversing cancer. There a numerous forms of cancer, most are very deadly and many people do not survive.

At one time it was thought that diet plays no valuable role in preventing many of our deadliest cancers. But recent researchers have proven that the diet has a major role in preventing and treatment of many cancers. There are certain nutrients and minerals that are thought to promote the development and the spread of malignancies throughout the bodies system, which is much needed to prevent cancer. There are also vitamins and minerals that block tumor growth. The National Cancer Institute has reported that one-third of all cancers are related to the diet. What we put in our bodies to make us live and grow. They also have said that changing the diet can prevent most of the cancers that are related to the diet.

Researchers show that diets with fruits and vegetables that are ate on a regular basis, what is noted by the suggested daily allowance, have a reduced risk of most of the deadliest cancers. The vitamins and minerals needed in a reduced risk diet include foods that are rich in bioflavonoids and other plant chemicals, fiber, vitamins A, C and E. All these seem to play a part in slowing, stopping and reversing the process that leads to cancer.

Many of the smoking cancers are related to not enough vitamin C. Smoking depletes the body of vitamin C rapidly. It is recommended for smokers to eat more fruits that are high in vitamin C, to counteract the effect that smoking has on the depletion of the body’s reserve.

In the event that you are one of the unlucky ones that acquire one of these deadly cancers. It is best when eating to remember nutrition will help through the process. Most cancer patients are advised by nutrition specialist, they help in promoting an enriched diet that helps the bodies healing process. In the past, many cancer patients were force fed during the final stages of cancer. But recent research shows when the patient does not feel like eating it is the body’s way of starving the cancer. It is thought those cancer patients that were force fed, this fed the tumor or cancer. When the body begins to starve the cancer, doctors take this opportunity to aggressively attack the cancer with treatments. When the cancer or tumor is destroyed the appetite returns and the recovery takes place.