Healthy eating tips
Having trouble sticking to plans to eat healthy foods? Here are some tips for eating a healthy diet.

Donít we all love comfort foods? Those sweet and sinful deserts that we can never get enough of? Watching a movie wouldnít be same without the salty, buttered popcorn. When weíre angry, sad, or lonely the first thing we reach for is something delicious to eat. Somehow it makes us feel better. But have you ever thought of how much better it really makes you feel? How long that feeling lasts? Once the satisfaction of eating these foods wear off what are you left with? Have you stopped to think just what it is that youíre actually getting from these foods? Okay, lets break it down and take a closer look.

The four major ingredients in comfort foods are:

Sugar Fat Salt White flour

Sugar gives you an instant energy boost for about twenty minutes, but afterwards youíll get a major drop in energy lasting well over twenty minutes. You can, of course, continue eating sugar every time that you feel the drop but then youíll experience the constant sugar high-lows. If you do this in the evening donít expect a good nightís sleep. It can also give you cavities and trigger headaches, not to mention that once the sugar has been digested it turns into FAT.

Fat makes everything taste good, it enhances the flavors, brings out the aromas, and adds that crispy crunch to chicken, which makes is so scrumptious. What happens to your body after the gratification of eating too much fat? Well, your blood vessels will get clogged with fat deposits, making it harder for your blood to flow smoothly. If continued for many years a possible HEART ATTACK may follow.

Salt is so good and so bad at the same time. Add a little salt to almost any food and your taste buds will be bursting with excitement. But all this excitement increases your blood pressure causing hypertension. It will make your body retain water making you look puffy all over. The fact that it raises your blood pressure should be enough to make you want to give it up. If youíre still not sure that you want to give it up think about this, men who take blood pressure medication are at a high risk of becoming impotent.

White flour is what all those delicious cakes, cookies and pastries are made of. After youíve satisfied your craving what do you have? You have all of the previously mentioned because deserts are loaded with salt, sugar and fat. You also have the white flour, which increases your weight and slows down your body.

One more thing to remember, many prescription drugs can decrease sexual drive, both for men and women. This means that if you maintain your body healthy you will have less chances of needing these medications. There are many ways to turn comfort food into healthy food,

Now that you have the pros and the cons itís time to make a choice. You can choose to continue enjoying these foods and deal with the consequences.... Imagine not being able to climb a moderate hill to watch a beautiful scenery because you have short lung capacity and constant fatigue. Or not being able to run around and play with you kids. On the other hand you can make the choice to enjoy the benefits of healthy foods and live a longer fuller life. A healthy body creates pleasures that last a lifetime and memories that youíll cherish.