15 Nutrition Tips! ***

Good nutrition is fundamental to building a great physique. These key points will guide you in the right direction

Vary your food choices every day - you need to eat different foods every day for optimal nutrition
Avoid faddy diets and always stick to the basics; there are no magic answers
Include foods which are high in quality protein, regularly throughout the day. Consume high protein foods or drinks at least three-hourly
Eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. For example: fresh fruit juice for breakfast, a banana mid morning, salad at lunch, an apple mid afternoon and veg for dinner
Include some fat in your diet, in particular foods and oils which are a good source of essential fatty acids - oily fish, flaxseed oil, olive oil
If you're trying to gain muscle, consume plenty of fibrous starchy carbohydrate foods regularly throughout the day - make these foods the core of your diet
Drink plenty of fluids - sip water all day
Eat properly pre-workout - make sure you eaten for sufficient energy, but not too much as to bloat you
Ensure your post-workout nutrition is correct for you. Have whey protein immediately and make sure you replenish your carb reserves
Plan ahead. Know what times you should be eating and make sure you've done your shopping!
Try different recipes for variety. See
Although protein and meal replacement powders can be useful, don't rely too much on them - real food is superior
There is no one food you must have, despite what some people say! If you dislike something, don't eat it, there are plenty of suitable alternatives to choose from
Learn about nutrition and what suits you! Read advice but stay open minded and find out what works for you
Enjoy you're food - just because you're a bodybuilder doesn't mean you need to eat a bland diet