Obesity, Weight Loss and Glucose Control


Obesity, Weight Loss and Glucose Control

7-Keto —The Dieter’s Advantage
by John L. Zenk, M.D., chief medical and scientific officer,
Humanetics Corporation

At any given time, 50 percent of all Americans are dieting. However, the majority of diets end in failure and worse yet, as we get older, our ability to lose weight through dieting becomes increasingly more difficult. Why is this? Scientists now say that the answer may lie deep in our DNA. The fact is, Mother Nature has designed human beings to survive, even in the face of starvation. Millions of years of evolution have resulted in the creation of a remarkable and involuntary ability to slow down our metabolism. This can be good if you really are starving, however, it is a real problem if you are simply reducing your calories in an effort to diet and lose a few extra pounds. You see, your body doesn't know the difference. It sees less calories coming in and immediately starts to conserve your energy stores (better known as fat). It does this through lowering your body's metabolism. Unfortunately it is an automatic response and one that until now, you had no control over. The body's automatic response to dieting is very similar to what happens to animals that hibernate. This drop can be as dramatic as 20 percent in just a few days. When your metabolism drops, your ability to burn calories, especially calories stored as fat, declines as well. This is why you see some good initial results on most diets and then they just seem to stop working—no matter how hard you try, the weight just doesn't seem to come off. You get frustrated and the diet ends.

We have now discovered that there is a natural substance, produced by your body, called 7-oxo DHEA (7-Keto.), which plays a significant role in regulating this drop in metabolism. What is really interesting is that this natural substance declines dramatically after age 25. Remember how easy it was to maintain your weight or even drop a few pounds when you were a teenager? Now we may know some of the answers as to why it gets so hard to lose weight as we get older.

What happens if we simply add back some 7-Keto, you ask? The answer, which is supported by two published clinical studies, is that it appears that adding back 7-Keto while you diet can make your diet significantly more effective. In these clinical studies, individuals who practiced a moderate diet and added 90 minutes of light exercise, such as walking, over an eight-week period and took 7-Keto, lost three times more weight and body fat than those individuals in the study who also dieted and exercised but took a placebo pill. The results of these studies and others confirm that the metabolism of those individuals who took 7-Keto actually increased, while the metabolism of these individuals who took the placebo decreased. In addition, these studies also demonstrate that there was no difference in side effects between those dieters who took 7-Keto and those who took the placebo pill. It is important to note that 7-Keto is not a stimulant like caffeine or ephedra and does not elevate blood pressure or heart rates like many other popular weight loss supplements.

The best method to lose weight and keep it off is to change your diet and engage in moderate exercise. Most individuals, however, give up on their weight loss plans after failing to notice much or any weight loss. Now, with the addition of 7-Keto, dieters can enjoy more success, which can motivate them to continue toward their ultimate weight loss goals.