How is Fat Killing You?


How is Fat Killing You?

Research has turned up some surprising insights into how the toxicity of fat itself might be causing obesity-related deaths. For many years, experts have attributed extra weight and strain on the heart as the explanation to why people were dying at young ages. However, while extra weight has been a contributor to conditions such as sleep apnea and arthritis, itís a small factor compared to the damage done by the globs of fat spread all over the human body.
Recent discoveries suggested that fat-holding cells generated a mix of hormones and other chemical messages that regulated the energy balance of the body. When churned out in large amounts by cells filled to the maximum with fat they attacked several organs in ways that negatively affected health. These findings also suggested that fat tissues were active manufacturers of signals to various parts of the body.

This discovery was first made 10 years ago on the substance leptin, which scientists found helped maintain fat through the production of a chemical, which regulated the appetite. Experts now view fat tissue as the largest endocrine organ in the body.

Statistics on obesity include:

It is a growing killer that falls just behind smoking under causes of death.
People who are moderately obese live two to five years less than normal-size people.
The lifespan of those who are severely obese might be reduced by five to 10 years.
The biggest threat of obesity is heart disease.

Experts noted that by far the most obvious hazard of overfilled fat cells were their affect on the bodyís ability to produce and use insulin, a hormone that tells the muscle to generate energy and the fat cells needed to store it. Oversized fat cells cut off the insulin message by letting fat slip into the bloodstream causing the liver to compensate by producing additional insulin and other proteins.