I often get e-mails on my opinion on salt. There are a lot of readers that are confused out there. Some say that salt is a plague to be avoided, and some say we need more of it in our diet.

As always, I believe in careful consideration of anything that we put in our bodies. Here are some points to consider when using salt in your diet:

Modern salt is like sugar and most oils consumed: a very refined product very far from its original form, hence its toxicity.
Salt intake has to be individualized. While restricting salt could effectively combat acne, it would disastrous for someone trying to recover from adrenal fatigue. In certain genotypes, salt can aggravate osteoporosis.
The higher protein intake you have, the more salt you need. On every single Comprehensive Metabolic Profile we do, we always find that sodium is low in high protein users.
The more cooked food you eat, the more salt you need to activate certain intestinal enzymes. That is why traditional Chinese food tends to be salty, since the Chinese eat very little raw food. This is the opposite of the Inuit, who still eat their traditional diet heavy with raw food.
If you must use salt, you should consider the following factors when choosing the best brand:

Salt should have a color. Avoid that bland white stuff. Salt should be pink, red, beige or grey. What that means is that is contains trace minerals and has not been highly processed.
It should also be affordable. It does not need to come from Tibet, harvested by a blood type AB Buddhist monk who engages his pelvic floor before bending over, 10th out of fourteen children born during a full moon, etc. Good salt is readily available at any health food store.
A great brand that I have used for years is Celtic Sea Salt. That type of salt is constituted with 82% sodium chloride, and 14% other minerals, magnesium being the large portion of it. If you live in Hawaii, Hawaiian Red Sea Salt is a great option. The iodine contained in colored salts in retained in tissue for a long time, as opposed to the refined one from supermarkets.
All of us like to add a bit of flavor to our food on a regular basis. If you must use salt, I urge you to be discriminating and consider the above factors.