So over the last year or so Ara supplements such as X-factor have really grown in popularity. Even though X-factor has been around for years the newest research showing 1.5g's of Ara supplementation for 50 days leads to vast improvements in muscle mass and strength.

So summer is over, I did my beach thing, it's time to grow! I grabbed two bottles of X-factor and plan to grab another one shortly. Here are my original thoughts on the first week.

I started off dosing 5 pills preworkout on lifting days only which is only 1.25g's, I am bumping the dose up to 1.5g's starting today.

Pumps: Pumps come on strong and fast with this product. It really doesn't take much to get a good pump going, really only a few sets and your good. The one thing I've noticed is the pump feeling does go away fairly quickly once the muscle is not working anymore. But the muscle remains full looking even into the next day.

Strength: Too early to give any information on strength just yet.

Endurance: Had to put this next to strength because even though I didn't hit any types of PR's during week one the thing I noticed was I still felt relatively fresh towards the end of each workout. I will continue to monitor this and I rather lift heavy throughout the whole workout than just 1 or 2 sets of extreme strength anyway.

Doms: Holy! The muscle soreness the next day after working specific muscles was intense! Tuesday I woke up and my chest was sore especially my upper chest where I focus a lot of my chest movements. My triceps never get sore and it felt like I was unable to straighten my arms without pain. The day after back day was really crazy as well. I could of sworn I was at 3% bodyfat and even though I'm not, I couldn't help but picture of a Mr. Olympia pulling his elbows back where they show their christmas tree and lats just look super peeled. Thats how it felt walking around on Wednesday. Every little muscle in the back was felt during the day. But this all failed in comparision to leg day. I train legs on Thursday and here it is Monday and it's still super sore to even walk down steps. Saturday I went with my girl to a fair and literally felt my knees give out 3 or 4 times throughout the night of walking around. At one point we had to walk down a hill/ramp and wow I felt like an old man. I think a dude with a cane passed me by. I'm used to leg Doms but this was on a whole new level. Usually by Monday the pain is gone and I'm good as new. Today feels like it's a normal Friday.

So with the studies being released showing this stuff is legit and can't just be obtained through food or diet. For anyone who wants nice gains without going the hormonal route like myself then this is the stuff you want. If your tired of setting up what seems to be a perfect PCT and still struggling to keep gains. Throw some X-Factor into PCT and watch yourself continue to grow.