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    Uncle Ric

    Biohacker Initiative SR9009 Log

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Ric View Post
    Thanks to Joe1313 and SR 9009 – 13mg/.2mL (650mg/10mL) – The Biohacker Initiative for allowing me to log SR9009. This is the information straight from TheBioHackerInitiative.com website.

    SR-9009 is in fact a Rev-ErbA ligand. Researchers have experienced many positive effects such as increased fat loss, endurance, and various health benefits. Over time, SR-9009 has become one of the most popular research chemicals. It’s shown enhanced endurance and strength, fat loss, muscle hypertrophy (growth), improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and an increased metabolism in rodent studies.

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    I am taking .2 MLs 2x a day IM using a slin pin. I will be taking my first dose tomorrow morning. At this dosage the vial should last me 25 days as its a 10cc vial. I will be buying another vial maybe 2 because I would like to give the SR9009 at lease a 50 day shot. I am a very hard responder. Usually I have to take at least double what my buddies take to notice anything with any PEDs. PLEASE ask questions.


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