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    Whats the worst abcess you ever got

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkullCrusherzFitness View Post
    Mine turned into flesh eating disease Necrotizing Fasciitis two months in hospital 14inches on the right thigh was operated on surgically removed 3 inches across.....Was an open wound till the skin graft finally was harvested and took root....took 6 months to completely seal and everyday was a reminder that until this heals im at risk everyday of it starting to eat at me again.....This happened all because I didnt alcohol the tops of my bottles that were rolling around in the front console of my SUV....it never dawned on me to clean the tops that day or any other day I always assumed that cleaning the area before and after would be enough to kill any bacteria...but I forgot to always clean the tops and It almost cost me my leg and my life...I was 41 years old and had just started a cycle because I was going to start competing.....I wrecked that dream but I knew there was always a risk of infection just not that kind and so early in the game.learned to deal with death in a hurry to the doctor said that if they didnt operate within an hour that I had 24 hrs to live....So I basically had 30 minutes to everyone I could think of to them them I loved them and away we went to the operating table and thank God I survived.But While I was in the hospital I did 3 more shots just to prove that it wasnt the steroids because a Buddy had made the stuff so at risk of not knowing for sure and wanting to absolve my friend of any wrong doing or selling contaminated shit.I took another one for the team to prove his innocence....Stuff was painless and clean as fuck and hes been my gtg still to this day........True story you cant make this shit up!


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