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    Woman and fitness

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    I am an average 41 years woman who had that awesome idea once in life looking good. Actually I
    train since a while because I have back issues but it was just maintenance and I never took it too serious,
    never dieted or used any anabolic steroids. I knew and heard about HGH and I thought I want to use it
    so I ordered Hygetropin from PCT-Shop beginning of August 2019. A few days later I received my HGH
    and Jolter asked me if I would be interested about some help from PCT-Shop because they also have a
    training and nutrition consultant. PGC640 contacted me and created a diet and training plan for me..

    so here we are now

    I started to train 4x a week, Tuesday Leg day, Thursday Shoulder-triceps,
    Saturday Leg-butt, Sunday back and biceps. I also eat 6x a day like 120 gr of
    Protein and 125 gr of Carbs. I started with 2 UI of HGH. I am 173cm tall it is
    57 or 58 and my starting weight was 130 pound.

    This is how I looked when I started (picture 1 and 2) on August 4th, 2019 130 pound
    Attachment 77711Attachment 77710

    And this is how I looked 2.5 weeks later (pictures 3 and 4) on the 11th , 2019 I was 125 pound

    Attachment 77712Attachment 77713

    I am excited and curious how can I look if I follow this path so I go forward..

    I stared 10 days ago with 5 mg oxandrolone and tomorrow I will increase it to 10 mg, 2UI HGH

    OXANDROLONE 10MG 100 TABS | PCT-Shop Bodybuilding Pharmacy

    Are here woman who went through the same that what I am doing now? Or anyone who has experience about female fitness?

    I will post pictures on Saturdays and will let you know how am I doing!


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