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    What should be covered in an electric bike check up?

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    [QUOTE=lovesena;1387848]While you can't predict everything that will happen with your bike, checking your e-bike before you ride it can better ensure you don't break down.

    By doing a simple check before or after you ride your e-bike, you can be sure to ride safely and enjoy your ride on the road. This blog outlines some key things to check before or after riding an electric bike.

    1. Tire inspection
    Squeeze the tire before riding, if you can squeeze the tire easily, it means there is very little air in it and needs to be pumped up. It is best to use a tire pump with a pressure gauge, and remember to check the pressure range when inflating. The pressure range is usually printed on the tire.
    Road bikes are usually thinner tires with a higher pressure range; [URL="https://senadabikes.com/products/archon-pro"]electric assist bike[/URL] is usually thicker tires with a lower pressure range.
    If you are using an e-bike to carry items or children, then you need to set a pressure range higher than the manufacturer's recommended pressure range, so the weight of shopping or children won't flatten the tires and you can enjoy a smoother ride.
    2. Brake inspection
    Before you set off, it's critical to hit the brakes and check that the brakes are working properly so you can ride your [URL="https://senadabikes.com/products/archon-pro"]1000w electric bikes[/URL] safely.
    You can try walking a few steps and check if they work by pressing the front and rear brakes, they should bring the e-bike to a complete stop when you hold the brakes down.
    Also, check the brake pads for mud or grime, as they can interfere with proper operation. Checking the brakes is even more important when you are carrying loads or children to avoid accidents.

    3. Battery Check
    Before riding, check to see if there is enough power to power you back and forth. [URL="https://senadabikes.com/products/bundle-roamer-48v-26-fat-tire-portable-folding-electric-mountain-bike-1000w"]full suspension electric mountain bike[/URL] is heavier than regular bikes because they have a motor and battery, and without motor assistance, they can be harder to ride, especially when going up hills. So whether you ride your e-bike to the store or commute to work, you want to make sure you have enough power to ride back and forth.
    Electric bike battery life varies by model, but it is recommended that you start with a fully charged battery. Get into the habit of charging your e-bike at night or as soon as you're done using it.
    If the battery is removable, be sure to put it back on correctly so it doesn't come loose and the contacts are clean, which could disconnect and make your ride uncomfortable.

    4. Magnet/Cable Inspection
    Check that the magnet is in the correct position relative to the sensor, also you need to check the cable. Although on e-bikes it is almost impossible to inspect the cables as they are mostly internal.
    If your e-bike cable is externally visible, check before riding to make sure the cable is clean and free of any residual water or any wear on it, as this could cause the e-bike to not work properly or give you an electric shock.

    5. Motor inspection
    The main factor that e-bikes help people ride is because they have a motor. It is very helpful when going up hills or people who are new to e-bikes or who may have difficulty riding e-bikes (maybe due to age).

    You can do this by riding an e-bike in front of your home or in your garden to see if the motor is working before you start your journey. If the motor doesn't work, check that the battery is fully charged and connected properly. If it still doesn't work, please contact us and we will help you.

    An e-bike safety check helps ensure that every ride is set up for success. By doing pre-ride inspections and following a year-round bike maintenance schedule, you will rarely encounter any maintenance surprises. Happy riding![/QUOTE]
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