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    Review of 5% Nutrition KTCO Keto Cookies

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    Review of 5% Nutrition KTCO Keto Cookies

    pictures on user name-untitled-design-4-.jpg

    A few weeks back 5% Nutrition had teased an all new mystery product on their Instagram account. They didn't let on with much info besides showing a silhouette of what appeared to be a cookie and stating that it would be both delicious and low carb. We were guessing we'd be seeing a Keto Cookie, however we had to wait another week to find out for sure. Well they finally announced it was indeed a Keto Cookie in both Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle flavors.

    This was pretty exciting because 5% Nutrition doesn't roll out a lot of new products, so it was great to see something new from the brand. It was also exciting because these cookies are Knock the Carb Out Cookies which are part of the same line as the Knock the Carb Out Bars which were a huge hit among 5% Nutrition Fans.

    We had a chance to get our hands on these and wanted to give you guys a review.

    pictures on user name-untitled-design-5-.jpg

    So upon grabbing one of these out of the box my initial reaction was how small these cookies are. It's bigger than an Oreo, but substantially smaller than say a Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie. Other initial impressions was there was a lot of chocolate chips for a "healthy" snack food, a lot of time protein cookies and other functional foods skimp on the chocolate chips. Last impression was that it was fairly dense.

    pictures on user name-untitled-design-6-.jpg

    So again, as you can see they really pack the chocolate chips into here which is great to see. Typically in protein cookies the actual cookie itself does't have a ton of flavor or buttery goodness or sweetness, so the chips help to make up for that. The cookies are somewhat dense but still have a decent texture.

    Upon taking our first bite, it wasted good. The texture was a little dense which we always expect from protein foods, but better than a lot of other protein cookies on the market. The taste was a little underwhelming, again the cookie didn't have a ton of flavor and wasn't buttery and rich. I actually expected it to be a bit richer considering how much fat it had, and because it was a keto food. Again not bad, just not wowed. The good portion of chocolate chips however helped out with the taste.

    pictures on user name-untitled-design-7-.jpg

    Okay, so let's move on to the Macros. In the chocolate chip cookie we have 21 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar, and 1 gram of net carbs. Beyond that we have 15 grams of fat, 7 grams of saturated fat, and 230 calories.

    Would I Buy These Again?
    So the 5% Nutrition Keto Cookies sell for $36.99 for a 10 pack. That comes out to $3.69 per cookie. That's not crazy, however if we compare that to another leading brand like Lenny and Larry's who sells a 12 pack for $21.99 which comes out to $1.83 per cookie, these 5% Nutrition Keto Cookies are a little pricey.

    As far as the taste, again they're good, they are fairly filling, but the size of the cookie is relatively small for the high fat and calorie counts and the taste isn't as good as I'd hope for for the macros that are in it. I could have 3 Oreos for about 180 calories and Oreos actually taste like a real desert or sweet.

    If you're on the Keto Diet and looking to satisfy your sweet tooth these aren't a horrible option tough. Drop a comment and let us know what you think of these if you've tried them.


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