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    Review of Repp Sports Phenibut

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    I wanted to do a write-up and review on Repp Sports Phenibut. Now for anyone who's not familiar with Phenibut, it's a Nootropic. It's best known for focus, and even more so for anxiety, specifically social anxiety. I've heard it was developed in the Soviet Union and was given to astronauts going to outer space to mellow them out. Phenibut used to be widely available on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, CVS, etc. Over the past year or two it's gotten harder and harder to find, eBay and Amazon no longer allow it to be sold and it's tough to find. I believe the FDA is probably going to ban it soon, so if you wanted to try it I'd suggest getting some sooner rather than later. When it comes to ordering Phenibut, you can get loose powder from Nootropic sites, but as far as mainstream legit supplement companies, the two companies who still have it are Repp Sports and Serious Nutrition Solutions (SNS). So that's a little background.

    I actually got turned onto Phenibut by a bodybuilder buddy of mine, he stacks it with Focus XT. It's best taken on an empty stomach and caffeine helps give it a kick, also some people report it makes them sleepy so that's another reason to take it with caffeine. Ideal time to take it is in the morning on an empty stomach with coffee for most effectiveness.

    Effects of Phenibut. I wouldn't say there's any euphoria, however it definitely puts you in a positive mindset, basically you feel the way you'd feel naturally when you wake up, the sun is shining and you just feel good and like it's going to be a good day. It doesn't make you talkative like a stimulant would, but because it does bring down your guard and help with social anxiety you will likely be more talkative just because you aren't really second guessing everything. As far as focus, it's very similar to an adderall or a vyvanse in the sense it gives you focus, but without the negative side effects of stimulants and without feeling wired.

    I'm a huge fan of Phenibut, however I try to limit my use of it to a couple times per month, not more than twice a week at most. Phenibut is a supplement you can quickly develope a tolerance to making it not effective and it's also something which can be mildly habit forming so I try to limit how much I use it to times I really need to concentrate or really need to be social. As far as brands I mentioned which are still around, you have Repp Sports Phenibut 250mg for about $20 at most stores and you have SNS Phenibut XT 500mg for maybe a buck or two more at like $21. I personally am a huge fan of SNS Phenibut, it's also a better bang for your buck considering you get the same amount of pills but they are twice the dosage. SNS is also harder to find as it's out of stock at most retailers.


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