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    Case for the Afterlife

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    If youre all once me, gone eyes that roll beyond to the help of your head whenever you hear words later than reincarnation or parapsychology, if you wrestle good paroxysms of despair for human insight whenever you catch a glimpse of that dandelion-colored lid of Heaven Is For genuine or extra such books, and become angry once hearing very nearly an overly Botoxed charlatan telling a needy grieving mom how her daughters energy is standing in back her, later save reading, because youre precisely the type of person who should be aware of the late Professor Ian Stevensons research on childrens memories of previous lives.

    Stevenson, who died in 2007, was a psychiatrist by trainingand a prominent one at that. In 1957, at the nevertheless academically sadness age of 38, hed been named chair of laboratory analysis at the college circles of Virginia. After arriving in Charlottesville, however, his hobbyhorse in the paranormal began turning into a full-grown steed. As you can imagine, investigating apparitions and reincarnation is not something the bookish administrators were expecting of the head of their mental health program. But in 1968, Chester Carlson, the rich inventor of the Xerox copying process whod been introduced to Stevensons interests in reincarnation by his spiritualist wife, dropped dead of a heart injury in a Manhattan movie theatre, leaving behind a million dollars to UVA on the condition it be used to fund Stevensons paranormal investigations. That keep enabled Stevenson to devote himself full-time to studying the minds of the dead, and exceeding the adjacent four decades, Stevensons discoveries as a parapsychologist served to sway more than a few skeptics and to lead his blushing acolytes to compare him to the likes of Darwin and Galileo.

    Stevensons main affirmation to fame was his meticulous studies of childrens memories of previous lives. Heres one of thousands of cases. In Sri Lanka, a toddler one day overheard her mother mentioning the name of an complex town (Kataragama) that the woman had never been to. The girl informed the mommy that she drowned there when her dumb (mentally challenged) brother pushed her in the river, that she had a bald dad named Herath who sold flowers in a broadcast near the Buddhist stupa, that she lived in a house that had a glass window in the roof (a skylight), dogs in the backyard that were tied up and fed meat, that the house was adjacent contact to a huge Hindu temple, external of which people smashed coconuts on the ground. Stevenson was able to verify that there was, indeed, a flower vendor in Kataragama who ran a stall close the Buddhist stupa whose two-year-old daughter had drowned in the river even though the girl played next her mentally challenged brother. The man lived in a home where the neighbors threw meat to dogs tied happening in their backyard, and it was neighboring to the main temple where devotees practiced a religious ritual of smashing coconuts on the ground. The little girl did get a few items wrong, however. For instance, the dead girls daddy wasnt bald (but her grandfather and uncle were) and his publish wasnt Heraththat was the name, rather, of the dead girls cousin. Otherwise, 27 of the 30 idiosyncratic, verifiable statements she made panned out. The two families never met, nor did they have any friends, coworkers, or extra acquaintances in common, suitably if you assume it every at slant value, the details couldnt have been acquired in any obvious way.


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