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    Uncle Ric

    The Secret To Real Growth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Ric View Post
    The Secret To Real Growth

    People ask me all the time, “how do I get bigger arms?” or “how do I get stronger”. The answer is simple but tougher than most people would want. The Secret To Real Growth is getting outside your comfort zone. This could be said for most of our goals or ambitions. If it's excelling at work, meeting a significant other or even an insignificant other the answer is the same. You have to get out of your comfort zone.

    In the gym, to get bigger or stronger a great way to start is a new training partner or hiring a personal trainer. It's tough because we know what we are doing but that's what makes it comfortable. We have reasons for doing the exercises we do and the weight we do but that is what makes it comfortable. Give it a try, step outside your comfort zone in the gym. Take a different class or use a different piece of equipment.

    For me finding a training partner after years training without one was a huge endeavor. I didn’t want to train someone else or have someone want me to do sets his way. The excuses begin to pile up but I knew getting a new training partner would get me over my plateau in the gym. Just getting my ass inside the gym door had become tough.

    When I asked my wife out for the first time I was definitely outside my comfort zone. Even having kids is way outside my comfort zone. The most rewarding things in my life began or exist still outside my comfort zone.

    I ran into a guy from my wife's work who had asked me a few times about training him. He had been a powerlifter years ago but hadn’t been training consistently for a number of years. We started training together and my progress in just a few months is OUTSTANDING.

    I have also trained many people in sales and management over the last 20 years. The same can be said to them, Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone to achieve higher results. It's not easy for anyone to approach a stranger with the goal of helping them buy something. Especially when you know they are contemptuously “JUST LOOKING”.

    Talking to your boss to ask for a raise. Asking for freebies from the phone company or cable company when you have been with them for a while. Asking your credit card company to lower your rate. None of these things are comfortable. Most of the time you can also bet they aren't going to say yes on the first try. Sometimes you have to be prepared to get pushy or talk to a manager. Sometimes you even have to tell them you will cancel service.

    My point is get outside your comfort zone. Nothing grows in the comfort zone. Not on a personal or professional level. Nothing is as satisfying as accomplishing goals outside your comfort zone. That is where good things happen. That is the Secret To Real Growth.



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      Good read
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