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    Bigdawg's rotator cuff surgery comeback

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    So, surgery was Tuesday the 12th of September. Had general anesthesia as well as a nerve block that would reduce pain levels in recovery by numbing left shoulder down to finger tips. Had a Russian and a German guy as my anesthesia team. German guy was explaining the process and said once they gave me the good stuff I'd feel like a had a good drunk going and then they would give me a local numbing agent in my neck before starting the nerve block. Started feeling really high and then felt the Russian guy start injecting into the neck but it was dull feeling and I moaned and nurse said is it warm and I said warm and fuzzy and I don't remember anything until I was being woken up in a sling and being offered crackers and cranberry juice. My friend Lisandra, my little sister who tends bar at Hooters had driven me there with the wife and she brought me home. They sent me home on Dilaudid and naprosyn. On Friday I had to drive my wife to the garage to pick up my car and she drove my car home while I drove hers. Hadn't been on any pain med for 12 hours and it was scary as fuck. Kinda fuzzy and hard steering with sling in the way. Since then using Dilaudid only as needed, mostly after doing the pendulum exercises they want done or before bed to help sleep. They had originally said one to two 2 mg tabs every 6 hours but changed it to 2 every 4 hours. Been taking one after exercise and two at bed along with the naprosyn every 12 hours. Frustrated since I thought by end of first week I'd have much more flexibility in the shoulder and not as much pain in doing the pendulum things. Little down thinking how long it will be before I'm not only back in the gym but back hitting the heavy bags, executing judo throws as well as being thrown. Going to be long process I'm afraid.


    1. BigDawg's Avatar
      Went to put on actual clothes today after exercises and shower and my looser shorts wouldn't button. Had wife get scale and stepped on. Was 196 day before surgery. Today it's 216. Had a couple snacks first few days but nothing crazy. Been eating eggs and toast for breakfast and chicken and brown rice for lunch and dinner and a few protein drinks in between to keep protein up to help with healing. I know there was a lot of arthroscopic fluid pumped in the shoulder and my hands and feet are still pretty swollen as are my calves. Hoping the majority of the 20 ponds gained in 6 days is fluid yet to pass. Got 3 iu's gh per day running starting about 2 days ago to help healing. Started t3 today and var. If wife will help with injects I'll go back to sust, unless maybe deca is better choice for healing?
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