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    baby1's AWESOME BLOG

    baby1 6 weeks in

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    Quote Originally Posted by BABY1 View Post
    Monday 8/26... Spent some time, at the gym, this morning. Ending the session with 10 minute chair massage....ahhhhh!

    Back, Arms, Abs, steady cardio

    Wide-grip lat pull-down 3 X 15, super-set with Narrow Reverse-grip pull-down 3 X 15

    One-armed DB Row (each arm) 3 X 15, with Stability ball Roll-outs as active rests 3 X 15

    Seated cable row 3 X 15, with V-ups on bench as active rests 3 X 15

    Bent-over BB Row or T-bar Row 3 X 15, with mountain climbers as active rests 3 X 20

    Standing Alternating DB Curls 3 X 20, super-set with Bench Dips 3 X 12

    Machine or BB Preacher Curls 3 X 12, super-set with Narrow

    Push-ups 3 X 12

    Triceps Rope Push-downs 3 X 12, with mountain climbers as active rests 3 X 20

    Overhead Triceps Rope Pull 3 X 12, with Bicycle Crunches as active rests 3 X 25

    20 minutes steady cardio


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