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    baby1's AWESOME BLOG

    21 day ritual to become habitual

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    Quote Originally Posted by BABY1 View Post
    Yes I love numbers, and 21 has a few close meanings to me. Now I started something I called " The ritual to become habitual" a couple years ago. Drew up a chart, and put our family names on it. Tracked new things, daily, that I wanted to change for 21 days. Implemented some new health/self care changes...

    My most recent
    21 day change was deleting a social media account. Now I really did like it, and I had my feed fitered somuch as to not see anything political or daily crap news. For me it was more a resource to learn new things from the pages I liked. Anything new I shared because I like to help others when I can. Then it started to become dull and I felt I was on it to much which took me away from here. Fitness Geared has been my home for many years, and I have made such good friends here. On FG we tell stories, share info, joke, debate,and we support each other. Very different on the usual social media like FB where I began to feel like it was social media romper room for adults. Don't get me wrong, I did like it and I miss checking in with people. I also love being an adult kid sometimes, but in a quirky fun way not a my dog iss etter than your dog way. However, I began to feel more disconnected from the poeople I knew on there rather than connected. Since I have been off for 21 days now, I have not heard from some friends and family that I would talk too. Now I have to reach out via phone call and that is okay. I can tell you that it will most likely be me who does the calling,lol. Its okay though, I get it. Just different times now.

    Anyway, 21 is a great jumpstart to make any kind of change you may want to implement in your life. Even if you start and don't
    finsih, or you finish and you don't change, try again. To me it's about "planting a seed" and you will take something good away from it. You will probabaly go back to it too.

    Get out your pencil and paper and make a baby1,
    21 day "Ritual to become habitual" chart.

    The time spent here at FG has been much more
    valuable to me than any social media network I have, or are a part of.

    All roads lead back to here...

    A BIG thanks to Fuzo for taking on FG many years ago and building it up!


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