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    Alex White

    Protein powder: pros and cons to keep in mind

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    It turns out that with protein shakes, in any case, you should be careful. Unlike harmless milkshakes (which, by the way, can also be called protein shakes), protein powders are not tested as drugs, although experts should note that they should be done. Thus, you can not always be 100% sure what they contain.

    In a WebMD interview, Purdue University professor Wayne Campbell notes that he is not so much bothered by protein and its amount in such cocktails as its other components. “Some powders may contain unstudied ingredients. And the problem here is not that they are dangerous in themselves, but that we simply don’t know what effect they will have on the body in the future, ”he says.

    In 2010, Consumer Reports tested 15 protein shakes for heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, arsenic, and mercury. The researchers did not think that they could find anything, but the three tested drinks gave a positive answer.

    At the same time, ConsumerLab experts made a statement that almost a third of the 24 protein powders selected for another test did not meet the declared quality standards. So, in two of them contained a potentially dangerous amount of lead, in the rest it turned out to be many times more cholesterol or sodium than indicated on the label.

    In 2015, Brazilian researchers similarly tested 20 protein powders: eleven of them contained significantly less protein than was stated.

    In general, before starting to consume protein shakes or other protein supplements, experts advise asking themselves a simple question: “Is there enough protein in my diet?” And if you eat something containing protein at every meal, then protein supplements will definitely be superfluous.

    What do you think of protein shakes?


    1. Dzone's Avatar
      Thats interesting. Something a lot of people have never even thought about. Sounds like many protein powders are full of lead.
    2. Alex White's Avatar
      Well, these are just my observations and thoughts.
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