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    Conversation Between Ropie11 and BABY1

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    1. Hi,
      Got your Pm, but I am off to wok this morning. I'll catch ya back later!
    2. Michelle,

      Have you asked dzone if has heard anything about these docs you have seen?
    3. Well? How is it going lady?!!
    4. Hey Chicky! How was your day? Mine was okay but just a bit more pain after work tonight. Talk to you tomorrow!
    5. This is a great deal! Free shipping and you pick the flavor. I always get 8lbs at a time and it lasts me awhile. I probaly use about 2 scoops a day. take advantage if you can. https://www.fitnessgeared.com/forum/s...946#post902946
    6. Good morning!

      Some more good info!

    7. Check out this article I posted in the exercise section. I don't really think our knees are the issue but it has some very good info in it. 18 Tips for Bulletproof Knees
    8. Okay I am at the gym right now and I need to vent! I tried doing the treadmill and I lasted 5 minutes, then pain. I tried the bike for 5 minutes, then pain. This sucks! Maybe I will go throw some dumbells around, lol! Or maybe I will go eat a big hot fudge sundae instead!
    9. Hey lady,

      How are you? I will get back to your PM later. I have been putting in extra hours at work and I have to go in this morning. Talk to you soon! have a great day!
    10. Good morning! How is your morning going so far?
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