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    Conversation Between BABY1 and S&R13

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    1. Good morning,

      I havent for got about you. I will look at the meal plan this weekend as I should have more time. Have to leave for work soon but will try to take a look tonight, Have an awesome holiday weekend.

    2. Well crap - I can't figure out how to send the excel file to you. (calories, protien, carbs, fat (g)).
      BRKFST: 3 buttermilk pancakes: 360 cal 10g protien, 92g carb, 2g fat' 1/4 C. Syrup: 200, 0, 52, 0; 2 C. Milk: 292, 16, 26, 16.
      LUNCH: 1 - 6" Italian Subway Sandwich: 460, 20, 45, 21/ 1.5 oz Chips: 228, 3, 22, 15; 1 Soda: 150, 0, 39,9.
      Pre-work Out Snack: PB&J on White Bread: 468, 14, 62, 18.
      DINNER: 6oz Chickn: 294, 52, 0, 8; 1 C. Brown Rice: 218, 5, 46, 2; 1 C. Broccoli, 2 C Milk: 292, 16, 26, 16.
      BEFORE BED: 1 Serv Max Gain Protien Shake with berries, pm and choc syrup: 1647, 93, 188, 190.
      Let me know if you have questions. Thanks for your help!
    3. Hi S&R,

      Looks like you are on the right track and I would love to see what you have created for him. It might even give me some ideas. Fuzo is 265Lbs and would love to lose some of that.lol. I will be waiting for you pm. Very glad to have you here at FG!

    4. Hello Baby1,
      Need some help, not sure if you or Fuzo (is that your spouse?) can help. I'm trying to put together a eating program for my hubby (platnium mbmr). He's a hardgainer, 5'9 170-180lb right now he's down to 165 (been sick) he's fit and trim. He was 'blessed' with a fast metabolism. I'm not new to nutrition, as I studied it in college, just ended up taking a different route than what I was on. With the internet there are a plethora of helpful places. If I were to send you a weeks 'meal' plan I have created for him, do you think you could give me some feedback on it? No hurry. I on the other hand have struggled my whole life w/ a slow metabolism so eating healthier & keeping my calorie intake down is high importance to me. Because I do the cooking sometimes this tend to be an obstacle helping him gain and me loosing. LOL The burden of the beast.
      Any help you can offer would be great - or even if you could point me in the right direction?
      Thank you!
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