just two weeks away from finishing my current cycle of ten weeks which consists of the following.

1000mg sus/wk
600mg deca/wk
100mg oxybolone/day for first 4 wks

i considered the oxybolone to be rubbish. this is aorund my 5th cycle, have noticed strenght gains but not a massive difference in size. i have decided that i will be staying on gear all year round so will be using enanthate at around 250-500mg/wk on the off periods.

i have basically had enough of sus so i will be using something different from now onwards. i have decided that i will be using quick acting steriods for a will, my next cycle will look something like this:

25-50mg aquaviron/day i may change this to prop or testex at a higher dose
50mg winny/day
400-600mg deca/wk

this will run for around ten weeks.