seated leg curls ss 75x20ss 90x20ss 105x20ss 120x20ss 135x20ss 150x20ss
leg extensions ss 85x20 ss100x20 ss115x20 ss130x20 ss145x20 ss160x20
adductors ss140x20ss 160x20ss 180x20ss 190x20/3ss
abductors ss ss80x20 ss90x20 ss100x20 ss110x20 ss120x20/2
one leg leg press 45x12 90x12 135x12 180x12 225x12 270x10
leg press 360x12 450x12 540x12 630x12
20 min stepmill lss

done for the day. so a really pissed off irritating day to say the least. had my programming all set and everything felt perfect, no back,hip or pretty much any issues at all. roll up into the gym and their is a lady on the seated leg curls. no biggie i will wait. then she jumped on the leg extensions. so i was like fuck it not waiting any more so i asked her may i work in super sets with you. good to go. then roll up into adductors abductors super sets. pair of dumb ass cell phone morons taking pics and videos. so i had to wait. finally get going and get to leg press and only have about 35 mins to get in what i can and get 20 mins of cardio in. i had hacks programmed also but no dice because i had to pick my kid up from practice. so i busted through the presses and knocked out the stairs. hell of nasty pump for sure but i felt cheated and like i didnt get any good work in. not the case at all. legs were smoked by the end of the day and are going to be sore as hell. still not happy though and will not call it a successful session at all.

meal 1
4 whole eggs
4oz sirloin
150g jasmine rice
2 cups spinach
meal 2
8oz turkey
150g jasmine rice
1 cup green vege
1/2 avacado
meal 3(pre)
2 scoops whey iso
60g cor
1tbl spn pb
1 scoop recovery factor x
10g creatine
10g eaa
meal 4(post workout)
2 scoops whey iso
35g jasmine rice
39g kids cereal of choice
meal 5
2 cups egg whites
150g jasmine rice
meal 6
6oz turkey
150g jasmine rice
1/2 avacado
meal 7
8oz sirloin
8oz red potatoes
onions and mushrooms
lrg green salad w/vinegarette