i saw a video on this device with doc serrano before the swiss symposium and i was intrigued. as most know i suffered a gunshot back in 08 that messed me up pretty bad and i have a bunch of nerve damage that created sleep issues and a bunch of bs. so since i am not one to go down the med route, i am always looking for options for both pain and sleep assistance that dont involve meds. i asked my normal doc about it and he told me to talk to the sleep doc which i did. they brought in the company rep to go over it with me and submitted my paper work to my insurance. no beuno from my insurance because i am retired and not active duty anymore, so they told me to go to the va and they would help me out. took me almost 2 years to finally get back into the damn va system(i am a tier 1 patient) and i talked with my new primary about it. she kind of laughed a little bit and said it is damn near impossible to get one and even harder now because the 3 docs who were the lead on the machine quit the va. but she went ahead and ref me to pain management which only took a week. went in talked to the doc for like 20 mins and he said i got you, you already met the rep for the company and i will put in your paper work that you will comply.

so i got that bad boy a couple weeks ago and i have been building up using it. i started out at 2x per week and i am at eod now and plan on getting up to ed as i get used to using it. i am being really easy with it because some people it stimulates and some it relaxes. so i am not playing the game of jacking up my sleep even more. i know long winded post but any of you guys that have chronic pain and or sleep issues look into it with your doc. it comes with a few different options for use for localized pain as well as for your brain. i can use it and tell pretty much immediately that i am more relaxed after the session is done. the local pain relief is also pretty cool but the areas i have issues with the most i have to have my wife use it on me for it. something to look into for sure though if you have good insurance or want to pay out of pocket. only bad thing is the doc has to put in a script request for it and you cant buy it privately