Especially during this Covid chaos.... Most of us are always about boosting our immune system, but what some do not realize is they may possible have a jacked overactive immune system already... HERE HERE!!!! While supplements are helpful, they can be counter productive sometimes. We have to get off the "more is better" train, and really get to know our own body and how it reacts. What is good for one is not always good for you. Grateful to a rheumatologist, I visited often, many years ago. She recommended that I do not take things to boost my immune system. This is why I usually feel great with a short course of steroids, but I rely mostly on practicing daily, and relaxation... mediation, yoga, being mindful etc... I have more time to spend than money to spend on a boatload of supplements. I do take daily D3, with K, but that's about it. Fermented foods are great, for many, but they do raise our histamine levels so for me I do not tolerate them. On that note, I wanted to share some good info here in this article.

The Top 5 Causes of Histamine Intolerance - Gene Food